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Xaar 128/80pl (200dpi) Print Head - Light Blue Insulator

Xaar 128/80pl (200dpi) Print Head - Light Blue Insulator

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Xaar 128/80pl print head Application:
Compatibility with a wide range of printers, ease of installation, working with a large spectator of types of ink have made the print head Xaar 128 an indispensable component in production in the following areas:
• marking and coding
• widescreen graphics
• indoor advertising
• outdoor advertising

Xaar 128/80pl Specification:
Model Number: Xaar 128/200dpi 80pl (Xaar 128/80)
Color of insulator: Light Blue
Active nozzles: 128
Print swathe width: 17.4mm
Nozzle pitch: 137.3um
Nozzle density: 185npi
Drop velocity: 5m/s
Printhead weight: 15.5g
Dimensions (W*D*H): 37.2*40.8*11.3mm
Drop volume: 80pl
Typical firing: 4.25kHZ

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