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Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl AAA Print Head

Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl AAA Print Head

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Spectra Polaris PQ-512/85pl AAA Print Head Features:
- 80 picoliter nominal drop size
- Resolutions up to 400 dpi
- 512 individual addressable nozzles
- VersaDropâ„¢ binary jetting capability
- Supports UV-curable, solvent, and aqueous-based inks
- Configurable for single- and two-color operation
- Integral mounting bezel with precision features
- Optimized for high viscosity jetting fluids
- Built-in heaters and temperature sensors
- Operation up to 60°C [140°F]
- Simplified field repair with no special tools required

Since 2010 we sell the print heads online worldwide supplying large advertising enterprises and small printing companies.
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The print head must be installed by a specialist (engineer). Do not try to install it yourself!