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Ricoh Gen6 Printhead MH5320 600 dpi

Ricoh Gen6 Printhead MH5320 600 dpi

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Ricoh Gen6 printhead also called Ricoh MH5320 is a new generation Ricoh model which has 1200 nozzles and maximum frequency of 50kHz. It is compatibe with wide range of inks allowing to have high-quality printing without spending much time.

Ricoh Gen6 printhead Technical Specification
Print Width 54.1 mm (2.1")
Number of nozzles 1,280 (4 ? 320 channels), staggered
Nozzle spacing (4 colour printing) 1/150"(0.1693 mm)
Nozzle spacing (Row to row distance) A : 1.101mm B : 11.811mm
Compatible ink: UV, Solvent, Aqueous, Others
Size 89mm x 66.3mm x 24.51 mm
Weight 228g
Jetting frequency 50kHz (3 levels) - 40kHz (4 levels)
Drop Volume 5-15pl
Optimum range 10-12 mPa*s

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