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Spectra SM 128 Printhead

Spectra SM 128 Printhead

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Spectra SM 128 Print head

Since 2010 we sell the print heads online worldwide supplying large advertising enterprises and small printing companies.
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The SM-128 AA is a compact and lightweight 50 pL jetting assembly designed specifically for ink jet applications requiring multiple printheads packed tightly together.

Number of addressable jets 128
Nozzle spacing 508 microns [0.020 in.]
Nozzle diameter 50 microns
Calibrated drop size 50 picoliters
Adjustment range for drop size 40 - 55 picoliters
Drop size variation, 1 sigma* 4%
Jet straightness, 1 sigma 3 mrad [0.17°]
Nominal drop velocity 8 m/sec
Drop velocity variation, 1 sigma* 5%
Crosstalk, maximum 5%
Operating temperature range up to 90°C [194°F]
Fluid viscosity range (at jetting temperature) 8 - 20 cP
Compatible jetting fluids Organic solvents, UV curables
Maximum operating frequency 20 kHz