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Konica KM512MN 14pl

Konica KM512MN 14pl

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Konica KM512MN 14pl Printer compatibility:
Seiko Colorpainter 64S / 100S, HP Designjet 9000 / 10000, Oce CS 6060 / CS 6100, DGI ST1806, Anapurna M/XL

The Konica Minolta KM512 MN printhead (14 picoliter) is suitable for high quality 720 dpi multi-pass printing. This is the original print head of Seiko Colorpainter and HP 9000/10000 printers.

Since 2010 we sell the print heads online worldwide supplying large advertising enterprises and small printing companies.
If you found the prices cheaper than ours please contact us with your query at info (at), we are sure we can provide you better price than anyone else.

Product Name KM512MN
Drop Volume 14pl
Drive Mode Piezo Drop-On-Demand
Nozzle Resolution 180dpix2 rows = 360dpi
Nozzle Number 256 nozzlesx2 rows = 512
Nozzle Spacing 70.5μm =(141μm 2 rows)
Firing Frequency 12.8kHz
Print Width 36.1mm
Dimensions 67mmWx40mmDx72mmH
Solvent Ink OK
Oil Ink OK
Max. Drops in Greyscale -3 drops

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