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Konica KM512 LNX 35pl Print Head

Konica KM512 LNX 35pl Print Head

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Konica KM512 LNX 35pl print head for solvent ink is available for solvent inks and its nozzle plate which has depressed portion scratch resistant. This Konica Minolta print head has 512 nozzles with a droplet size of 35 picolitre and a native resolution of 360 dpi. It is compatible with oil based, solvent and UV inks.

Konica KM512 LNX 35pl print head Specification:
• Technology: On-Demand Piezo Electri
• Native Resolution: 360 dpi
• Cal. Droplet Size: 35 pico litre
• Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 512 (256 nozzles per line)
• Nozzle Spacing: 70.5 microns
• Print Width: 36.1 mm
• Firing Frequency: 10 kHz
• Ink Compatibility: Solvent
• Heater: not integrated

Konica KM512 LNX 35pl print head is compatible with:
Aestrik InWear S3304K5 / InWear S3308K5, Allwin C8 / C12 / H8, Anhui Liyu PT-KL / Apollo PTP1804-KL / Apollo PTP1806-KL / Apollo PTP1808-KL / Apollo PTP3204-KL / Apollo PTP3206-KL / Apollo PTP3208-KL / Apollo PTP18 / 3204-KC / Apollo PTP18 / 3206-KC / Apollo PZ3204-KX / Apollo PZ3206-KX / Apollo PZ3208-KX, Maxima PZ3204-KX / KX, JHF Vista T903316LNX / T903312LNX / V12 / Vista3306 / S5004F / S5006FS, Myjet WB320 / LB320 / LE320, Rodin K4320-A / K4320-B, Skynet PC-series / HS-series

- The print head must be installed by a specialist (engineer). Do not try to install it yourself!

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