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Epson DX5 F186000 uncoded

Epson DX5 F186000 uncoded

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Epson DX5 F186000 uncoded printhead also known as non encryption DX5 printhead that is compatible with the most Chinese made Epson inkjet printers.

Since 2010 we sell the print heads online worldwide supplying large advertising enterprises and small printing companies.
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New Generation DX5 Printheads F186000 Unlocked, this is new Epson head for all Chinese inkjet printers, it could replace all those locked or unlocked printheads for Micolor, SJ1845, SJ1645, Infiniti Galaxy: UD161LC, FY-181LA, FY1812LA, FY211LA, FY212LA UD-2512LA etc., Sky-color, Zhongye: E2001, E2502, E3202 etc., Allwin, Human xenons, Myjet Foturne-lit, Mimaki JV33 etc.